Illinois Dispensaries Facing High Prices and Short Supply

By: Katie Carpenter (reporting post)

It was a chilly Sunday night when Emily Ruiz and her sister Denae decided to take their first trip their local recreational marijuana dispensary in Mundelein, Illinois. The sisters, who are in their early twenties, both work in customer service wanted to partake in a relaxing night before the beginning of the work week.

The dispensary named, Rise, opened its doors for the first time when recreational use was legalized in January of 2020. In Illinois dispensaries are experiencing shortages for their recreational users regularly.

“We were pleasantly surprised when we first got to the dispensary. Originally, we thought the line would be insane but, it was only about 10 minutes long” Ruiz exclaimed.

Emily and Denae thought they had hit the jack pot when realizing the lines were nowhere near as long as new sources were reporting. The sisters had failed to realize the reasoning behind the short wait time though.

When they initially entered the dispensary, and took a look at the menu and “realized the short wait time was because most of their products had been sold out days prior and the only thing they had left were oil cartridges.”

When asked if they ended up purchasing the available products Ruiz claimed, “my sister bought an oil cart which came out to be $90 with tax.”

Emily also expressed that she though prices were astronomical and she wouldn’t be willing to buy recreational products until prices are lowered. This is a big problem for many Illinois residents who partake in the activity of smoking. Especially when street prices are nearly half of the price one would have to pay at an authorized dispensary.

In a recent Chicago Tribune article, it was reported that Rise dispensary in Mundelein are starting to limit how much customers can buy in order to prevent supply shortages. Rise has reported that this adopted strategy has reigned successful so far.  

1 thought on “Illinois Dispensaries Facing High Prices and Short Supply

  1. Hey Katie, I too was anticipating the legalization of marijuana in Illinois. I tried to go to some dispensaries in January but was faced with long lines up to 40 minutes and a lot of places were sold out. When I finally got the chance to get into one in March, I was disappointed by the high prices and taxes that are being put on them. I feel like the legalization of it has been kind of a joke because of how high the prices are.


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